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RCMP in BC faces funding cuts to organized crime, homicide units

Vancouver Sun: The RCMP in B.C. is facing millions of dollars in provincial funding cuts for the coming year, creating a budget squeeze that the Mounties say will lead to staffing reductions in its organized crime and homicide units. Although the Ministry of Justice ...

Mexico calls 2012 attack on U.S. Embassy vehicle a ‘crass error’

A 2012 incident in which Mexican federal police raked an armored U.S. Embassy vehicle with gunfire was the result of a “crass error” in judgment by the officers but was… Click to Continue »

RCMP Organized Crime Team raids alleged Red Deer drug operation

Beacon News (blog): Following a nine-month long investigation, members of the RCMP Federal Policing Serious and Organized Crime Team, or FSOC, raided an alleged Red Deer drug operation in early June, arrested a man and woman and seized cash and drugs. During the ...

Higher Cigarette Taxes Boon to Organized Crime

Breitbart News: 'Smuggled cigarettes have become the new currency of organized crime, and a lot of these criminal organizations are finding that it's more profitable than illegal narcotics,' Rich Marianos, the retired Assistant Director of the Bureau of Alcohol ...

RCMP in B.C. faces millions of dollars in cuts: NDP

The provincial government is cutting $4.2 million in funding to the RCMP, including a special unit that investigates organized motorcycle gangs, NDP justice critic Mike Farnworth said Wednesday. The cuts will hurt the ability of the police to gather enough intelligence for prosecutors to secure convictions in organized crime cases, Farnworth said, adding that the cuts send the message that ...

Alleged Bonanno Organized Crime Family Associate Sentenced to Eleven Years Brooklyn, NY - August 19, 2014 - Earlier today at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, John Venizelos, also known as “John V,” “Big Man,” and “John from Staten Island,” an alleged associate of the Bonanno organized crime family of La Cosa ...

A local author's new book on Lucky Luciano

"People glorify the mob because there is an undoubted humanity in it, but we have so few facts about it." by Dan Willis With revenue estimates into the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, bootlegging liquor, a cornerstone of American organized crime, had major economic consequences. Yet, notes local author Christian Cipollini, "In school, the textbooks say maybe one sentence about ...

Over 5300 gangsters working for 216 organized crime groups

Korea Times: By Jung Min-ho. There are over 5,300 active members of organized crime groups, according to police Wednesday. The National Police Agency (NPA) said that 5,378 members belonged to 216 gangs as of July, represented no significant change from 2011.




Mail Fraud


Motor Vehicle Theft




Nigerian Scam



Organized crime suspected in ship stowaway death

The Canberra Times: Organized crime suspected in ship stowaway death (01:11). One has died and two are in serious condition after stowaways were found in a shipping container at a British port. 17/08/14. One dead, 34 stowaways found in shipping container in Britain ...

Organized crime suspected in ship stowaway death

Brisbane Times: Organized crime suspected in ship stowaway death (01:11). One has died and two are in serious condition after stowaways were found in a shipping container at a British port. 17/08/14. One man dead, 34 stowaway survivors found in shipping container in ...


Organised crime behind intercoms' code, says police chief Ray Zammit

MaltaToday: Acting police commissioner Ray Zammit says suspicious signs on intercom are directly related to organized crime in Sliema and St Julian's • Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi says increase in crime is due to government's “vindictive transfers within police ...

In my library: Lorenzo Carcaterra

If you’re going to devote yourself to organized crime — writing about it, anyway — it helps to have grown up in Hell’s Kitchen, as Lorenzo Carcaterra did. “I was raised surrounded by men who served...


Suspects in organized crime bust went to great lengths to avoid being caught

KOKI FOX 23: The group allegedly even monitored other related cases going through courts and read reports on the tactics police used to catch other criminals. Officials said the suspects would ditch cellphones on a regular basis and move crack houses around.

Tesla Motors Inc Accused Of “Organized Crime”

ValueWalk: Most investors are aware that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is a highly polarizing stock. But it seems that the company itself has brought the crazy conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork. A group calling itself Phase 2: Project Axciom suggests that ...

Azerbaijan, Iran discuss fight against transnational organized crime

News.Az: Azerbaijan`s Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov has met chief of the Iranian Border Service Gasim Rezai to discuss the bilateral cooperation in combating transnational organized crime. Usubov praised Azerbaijan-Iran relations as “strong”, saying ...

Police budget restraint benefits organized crime

Hamilton Spectator: I read with interest the USA Today editorial about how the lack of funding to U.S. law enforcement is allowing wanted criminals to go unapprehended. Policing is all about funding. During my time as a Hamilton police officer, I saw major drug, organized ...

Home Movies: Who’s the Bigger Criminal, Whitey Bulger or the FBI?

Joe Berlinger's fascinating true-crime film suggests that the legendary crime boss may not be the most corrupt guy in Boston

Honduras seizes 50 properties from alleged drug gang

Honduran authorities on Monday said they seized more than 50 properties that they allege belong to a drug trafficking gang as the country's new government steps up its battle against organized crime linked to Mexican cartels. The properties were linked to the Los Valle gang and most of the raids took place near the Guatemalan border where drug traffickers are suspected of moving tons of cocaine ...

Suspects in series of break-ins outside day cares charged

Three people arrested Thursday after a South Austin wreck are members of a Florida organized crime group that has been striking Austin over the past months, according to court documents.


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